Qualitynet celebrates Kuwait’s National Day

21 February 2017

Qualitynet, Kuwait’s #1 ICT, Data Communications & Internet Services Provider announced the launch of its National Day Song, a tribute to Kuwait and its people. The song is a Love Poem to the country and was sung by Superstars Ahlam and Bashar al-Shatti.

The song’s video embodies cheerfulness and joy through a collective operetta and a series of traditional dances, celebrating Kuwait and expressing national pride. The song is inspired by the words of a poem written by poet Youssef Al-Shatti, and was composed by the artist Bashar al-Shatti. He carefully worded the song to describe the love for Kuwait in everyone’s hearts, and describes the manifestation of the greatness of Kuwait’s rich past.

Qualitynet carefully chose a creative production team to handle the subject they had in mind, that of addressing the authenticity and rich meanings of the language. The poem’s graceful and beautiful wording caught the attention of both Ahlam and Bashar al-Shatti, who worked with Creative Director Khaled al-Rifai and the team at Joy Productions to bring the song to life through colours, dance and music.

Qualitynet is keen on being a part of Kuwait’s joys, and it forms a crucial part of the brand’s Social Responsibility towards the Kuwaiti society. The song took several months to materialize, starting from the search for an inspiring idea, to choosing the right artists and the general framework for action. This is especially important when creating something that becomes an integrated work of art, which delivers a message to the nation and is also held close to the hearts of its people. Qualitynet also added that the song has gathered a lot of positive response and interaction since launch, and will feature on Cinema Screens and National & Regional TV Channels, in addition to YouTube and other Social Media channels

We take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the parents of all the children that formed the operetta, and all those who contributed to the success of this National Song. Qualitynet dedicates the song which is a labour of national love, to Kuwait, its people and to the ancestors that made Kuwait the great nation it is today.

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