TV 2 Go (Vulkano)


Your TV goes with you, wherever you go!!

Ever missed your favourite TV shows thanks to being stuck in traffic?

Evevulkano1r had to settle for the Championship Finals game highlights, because the hotel you stayed at didn’t have that particular channel?

Enjoying your vacation with family, but wished you could still catch that movie you’ve been waiting for on your TV back home?

We’ve all been there, quite helpless one way or another. That’s changing, nay, it’s changed.

Introducing our high-tech device, ‘The Vulkano’ from Qualitynet, the perfect accessory to watch your TV from anywhere in the world!

Simply connect this tiny device with a satellite set-top box and any TV or video source, and you can receive the live TV signal over your home network. It works equally well with your PC, smart phone, laptop or tablet, irrespective of where you are!

  • Watch and control your TV from any mobile over 4G or Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world.
  • No additional fees required, as it only uses your existing paid-up TV service.
  • Change channels, view the program guide or set your favourite channels for quick access as if you had the TV remote in your hand
  • Watch YouTube videos as if on your big screen
  • Schedule and record TV favourites to your Smartphone, PC, Mac or Tablet.
  • Watch at home on your Tablet, PC, Mac or Smartphone with HD resolution
  • Connect to all major TV sources – Cable, DVD, Satellite or DVR
  • Stream high-quality video at H.264 standards at 150 Kbps

If you are used to travelling frequently, you can stay connected with your home network via laptop/mobile phone to watch your favourite TV programs live. The Vulkano device also has an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), so you can schedule TV recordings to a PC or Mac, and watch them later on at your convenience.

What you will need:

Qualitynet’s Vulkano device
A cable or Satellite set- top box
A home network
A Wi-Fi or 4G connection

What comes with your Vulkano device:

  • 1 TV shift device
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 RJ-45 Ethernet cable
  • 1 IR Blaster cable
  • 1 Component cable
  • 1 Composite cable

System/ Device Requirements:

Windows PC or Mac.
Windows 7, Vista, Win XP, Mac OS X.
Mobile Devices Supported.
iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry (Symbian, WM6, Linux – Available Soon!).
Watching your favourite TV channels live from anywhere in the world is no more ‘easier said than done’ but is simply DONE!

*For more information, please call our specialists at 1827827 who are eager to assist you further.

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