Parental Control

parental Worried about what your kids must be viewing online? Finding it hard to control their internet habits?

But nothing to worry, ask why?

Parental Control  from Qualitynet. It rightfully protects your family from accessing malicious contents like pornography, violence and other vicious adult ingredients and also from threats to your net such as viruses, bottlenecks, intruders, hackers etc. On everything, right from desktops and laptops to smartphones, tablets, hand-held devices and gaming consoles you enjoy perfect freedom.
This premium service consists of a wireless router that assures you a secure Wi-Fi experience at home. Besides, it also:

  • Provides age-appropriate Internet access to kids on a single click
  • Allows you to monitor online activities of kids and manage their time on Facebook, Skype, Games, Chat and more
  • Assists you in managing Internet access for guests
  • Has a slot for 3G services as well.

*For more information, please call our specialists at 1827827 who are eager to assist you further.

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