DSL Bonding

dsl Boost Up your speed using two lines with DSL Bonding

Another giant leap of technology that helps you achieve higher Internet speeds. You need two telephone lines to make up for poor quality of the line or its distance from the exchange.

For the first time ever in Kuwait, DSL Bonding from Qualitynet now makes it
possible to achieve a speed of up to 48 Mbps downstream & 5 Mbps upstream so easily!

Why subscribe for DSL Bonding?

Straight answer is: High Speed Internet; because you can’t gain speed with a single land phone. But through DSL Bonding, the output is unbelievable! It is just a dream come-true!

Resilient Connection

Being flexible doesn’t get any better with Qualitynet’s DSL Bonding. Why? Because, even if one line goes out on a technical failure, you will stay connected on the other.

Attractive Prices

Qualitynet strives always to bring you the best of both the worlds; a state-of-the-art service at a comely price. DSL Bonding is available at prices as little as KD 8 per month for 1 Mbps.

DSL Bonding Packages
Bandwidth Price
1 Mbps  34 KWD
2 Mbps  55 KWD
3 Mbps 70 KWD
4 Mbps 87 KWD
6 Mbps 98 KWD
8 Mbps 126 KWD
10 Mbps 132 KWD
12 Mbps 142 KWD

What do you need to get the service?

All you need to enjoy this new technology is two telephone lines, clearance letters on both lines from the Ministry of Communication, and Civil ID copies of the person in whose name the lines are registered.

How do I subscribe to Qualitynet’s DSL Bonding?

Visit any of Qualitynet’s outlets or call now at 1827827, to sign up with this amazing service.

For further discounts, pay through MyQstore.


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