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Structured Cabling System (Copper & Fiber Optic Cabling)

A structured cable system is a high tech innovation for carrying/transmitting all the aspects of the information traffic across the entire network. Made of copper & fiber optic it is strewn under earth for safety and for faster and better transmission.

Structured Cable system is cost effective, hassle free and affordable to maintain ( easy to isolate any point of fault and correct without disturbing the network) and supports applications and hardware even with mix & match vendors.

Qualitynet’s can most efficiently lay this system for you to strengthen your Data & Voice communication network.


Data center may be surnamed as the ‘neural hub’ of a company as it integrates all the ingredients of a network operation. Day by day, the operations are getting more complicated mainly due to its inevitable ever mounting usage. The cost of operating and managing one’s own application infrastructure could be exorbitant, with immense pressure on your ICT resources. Qualitynet is well-set to do the entire laborious task for you right from installation through support and maintenance ad infinitum, letting you free to concentrate on other aspects your business.

By entrusting us to set up and maintain your data center, you are getting several facilities besides being free to relax, like the ICT, DRS, UPS solutions etc.

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery System, a landmark achievement of Qualitynet is an inevitable precautionary measure for a network. It safeguards your entire system against unexpected breakdown owing to power off which otherwise will end in major breakdowns, data loss and damage to your expensive machinery and devices.

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