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A two-way radio allows the user to transmit and receive signals from other on the same radio frequency (channel). They are available in mobile, stationary base and handheld portable. Two way radios have been used for many years by various agencies, organizations and industries. For example:

• Public Safety: Emergency Medical Services/ Police/ Fire
• Security: Defense/ Military/ Intelligence Agencies
• Transportation: Subways/ Metros/ Railways/ Airports/ Seaports
• Utility companies: Electricity/ Gas/ Water/ Telephone/ Cable TV
• Transport Service companies: Bus/ Taxi/ Limos/ Trucking
• Construction companies: Commercial/ Residential/ Road & Bridge
• Hospitality industries: Hotel/ Resort/ Restaurant/ Tourism
• Government: Ministries/ Local government/ Municipal/ Embassies/ Public Works
• Services industry: Delivery companies/ Towing companies
• Oil & Gas

Suppose you are in the location and face an emergency situation and need to communicate right away to declare your circumstance. For example, if you are using a GSM cellular, then you need to dial a number, wait for a while when the call is being set-up and connected, ring at the other side and finally answered. This process can take few seconds and during that treasured time, your emergency situation can get worse.With two-way radio, you just press Push to Talk – PTT button to get the attention and instantaneous help.

Most of voice wireless communications systems, including cellular, fall into two-way radio definition. It refers to a radio system mainly used for group call communication and is known as Private (Professional) Mobile Radio (PMR) which was developed for business users who need to keep in contact over relatively short distances with a central base station / dispatcher – a typical example is a Taxi company or emergency services. PMR systems have developed into ‘trunked’ systems, such as DMR, Digital Mobile Radio, TETRA and Terrestrial Trunked Radio. Trunking is a technique where a communication channel is allocated for the duration of a call and then automatically released to allow it to be used for another call. The technique also enables multiple Base Stations and Repeaters to be connected and to provide coverage across a wider area than with a single Base Station.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) has proven much more secure and efficient than traditional analogue PMR. The dispatcher at Command and Control Center Room is able to speak to specific individual rather than broadcasting to the entire network. Receiving emergency calls can be done in the DMR dispatch console allowing dispatchers to process and respond the best way they judge.

Qualitynet offers a range of industry leading radio dispatch Solutions, radio equipment and accessories, designed to meet specific needs through understanding the customer requirements. Our vision is to promote safe and efficient radio dispatch operations through electronic solutions, and we realize that by understanding our customers’ needs and creating reliable, high-quality solutions that meet those needs.

Qualitynet is partnered with a leading industrial specialized in radio equipment and dispatching solutions providing a wide variety of secure communications, including TETRA, DMR, Command and Control Center Room, and Indoor wireless coverage systems for Public Safety, National Security, Oil & Gas, Government, Utility, and Transport sectors.

For more information, please call our specialists at 2224-0000 who are eager to assist you further, you may also email: ict@qualitynet.net

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