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DSL Bonding

BondingBoost Up your speed using two lines with DSL Bonding

DSL Bonding is an advanced technology that helps you achieve higher
Internet speeds over conventional telephone lines. It uses two telephone
lines to deliver the speed that one line cannot alone deliver, owing to
reasons such as telephone line quality or distance from the exchange. For
the first time ever in Kuwait, DSL Bonding from Qualitynet now makes it
possible to achieve up to 48 Mbps of downstream & up to 5 Mbps of upstream
connectivity, provided your two telephone lines can together handle it!

Why subscribe with DSL Bonding ?

Achievable high speeds No longer do you have to limit your Internet connection to
what your telephone line can support. With DSL Bonding, higher speeds over two
telephone lines is not a dream anymore.

Resilient Connection

It doesn’t get any better than with Qualitynet’s DSL Bonding. Even in the event of a technical failure on
one of your telephone lines, you’re still connected to the Internet through your second line.

Attractive Prices

Qualitynet strives to always bring you the best of both worlds; a state-of-the-art service at a price that does not cut deep into your pockets. DSL Bonding is available at prices starting at as little as KD 8 per month for 1 Mbps.


DSL Bonding Packages 



1 Mbps

38 KWD

2 Mbps

61 KWD

3 Mbps

82 KWD

4 Mbps

102 KWD

5 Mbps

116 KWD

6 Mbps

122 KWD

8 Mbps

157 KWD

10 Mbps

165 KWD

12 Mbps

177 KWD

What do you need to get the service?

All you need to enjoy this new technology is two telephone lines, clearance letters on both lines from the Ministry of Communication, and Civil ID copies of the person in whose name the lines are registered.

How do I subscribe to Qualitynet’s DSL Bonding?

Visit any of Qualitynet’s outlets or call now at 1827827, to sign up with this amazing service.

For further discounts, pay through MyQstore.


Terms and Condition Apply.