Home Security Solutions

We’re keen on using technology to protect our homes from intruders when we’re away. But what if you aren’t home while your kids are? Now, with our Home security Solution you can keep an eye on them; they are no more stranded at home.

Why do you need Surveillance at home?
When you’re at work, wouldn’t you wish to be at peace, knowing your family is safe at home? Watch your kids while playing, your baby while sleeping and even spy on the maid to see if she’s doing her jobs? How about when you’re away on a trip?
It could be quite disturbing during your trip and, sometimes more so, on your return.

Features of the Home Security Solution

Watch LIVE Video feed from far away destinations

Get a LIVE Video feed, any time day and night on your Internet-enabled Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop.

Record everything to watch at your convenience

Want to watch everything but don’t have the time? Our solution will record all video feed onto the DVR, which has an internal capacity of 500 GB. No more missing out on the action!

Private Connection
Your connection is absolutely secure, and perfectly under your control.

Economical Service
For a long time, surveillance solutions were considered a luxury, reserved for those who can afford the high tech equipment. But now, with our extremely affordable prices, Home Security is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity.

The Complete Package
We’ve got everything you need for Residential Security, be it the Surveillance Cameras, Wireless Routers or High speed Internet connectivity. No more running around to several shops in frenzy to buy all the components!

Installation & Maintenance
When you subscribe to our Home Security Solution, we’ll take care of the complete installation and maintenance services. Just call us and our experts will take care of your needs.

Static IP Included
All Qualitynet customers will get a Safe and secure Static IP along with the solution. Keep your worries aside!


*For more information, please call our specialists at 1827827 who are eager to assist you further.

You may also email telesales@qnetstaff.com

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