DSL & Fibre (GPON)


Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) transforms your telephone line into a multiple utility server, facilitating the use of a telephone and the internet simultaneously. The technology introduces a completely new and enhanced experience on the Internet.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • A completely new and enhanced internet experience.
  • Higher Bandwidth.
  • Ideal medium for email, voice, video chatting/ conferencing.

Fiber (GPON)

Qualitynet’s special packages for our home–bound customers who have a GPON ONT let them enjoy a high speed internet reach of up to 50Mb/s downstream and a 24Mb/s upstream. At such speed, they have access to all the net features like Video streaming, Gaming, high data transfer rate etc. while remaining quite undisturbed by the ever increasing number of users.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Higher Bandwidth.
  • Ideal medium for email, voice, video chatting/ conferencing.
  • Facilitates advanced gaming environment.
  • Speeds ranging from 1Mbps – 48Mbps
DSL / Fiber Packages
Bandwidth Standard Prices
1 Mbps 34 KWD
2 Mbps 55 KWD
3 Mbps 70 KWD
4 Mbps 87 KWD
6 Mbps 98 KWD
8 Mbps 126 KWD
10 Mbps 132 KWD
12 Mbps 142 KWD
14 Mbps 162 KWD
16 Mbps 191 KWD
18 Mbps 220 KWD
20 Mbps 232 KWD
22 Mbps 259 KWD
24 Mbps 286 KWD
30 Mbps 308 KWD
40 Mbps 364 KWD
50 Mbps 417 KWD

Visit any of Qualitynet’s outlets or dial 1827827, to sign up for this amazing service.

For further discounts, pay through MyQstore.

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