Unified Communications Solution

IP Telephony

Telephony is the basic form of all communications both traditional and the new generation that we have today. Is transition from the desktop phone to the unified, digital, mobile and video communications in IP environments is really astounding.

IP communications should provide not only real-time voice and video conferencing across the entire enterprise network but also integrate with collaboration tools like instant messaging, email and desktop sharing. At Qualitynet a host of solutions such as advanced mobility, digital and multi-media collaboration and limitless conversation over analog, fixed and mobile devices as inbuilt features.

Our platform enables cloud-based communications services and applications which overlay other vendor platforms and preserve current capital investments, enabling a-la-carte selection of communication services and applications. You can evolve your tools and extend the value of the existing CAPEX investment while shifting to next generation solutions based on your requirements.

Contact Center

Our Contact Center is the ideal solution for companies with contact centers that are mainly driven by voice interactions, addressing installations of all types, sizes and capacities.

Currently used by more than 400,000 agents worldwide, the solution is based on the unique and patented “matrix” call routing model. Flexible and customizable, any changes can be made quickly using the ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) management interface, so even those without programming skills will find it easy to respond to business demands.

The contact center modules available are:

  • CC Supervision
  • CC Distribution
  • CC IVR
  • CC Agent
  • CC Outbound

Qualitynet makes it easier for basic Contact Centers to easily switch over to a multimedia contact solution. Customers who already have the basic solution from Qualitynet can deploy the Customer Service plugin as an add-on (overlay), instantly benefitting from multimedia interactions such as email, web chat or social media plus CRM applications like integration, workforce management, outbound and IVR capabilities.

Visual Collaboration

The new generation solutions is not just connecting networks, people and knowledge; it is much more. Here, we offer you high-quality, cost-effective solutions for reaching your employees, customers and partners with video and multimedia solutions.

Employee expectations about teamwork and collaboration have changed as new standards for private communications are on show. Employees are now used to sharing their thoughts and content with a large community using HD audio, video and a group-capable IM, which is similar to the popular social network applications.
Enterprises can increase employee efficiency with an affordable end-to-end collaboration that delivers high definition audio and video in just one-third of the bandwidth of typical solutions. Our digital signage solution lets them create, centrally manage and deliver any kind of live or offline digital content to any audience. Employees can share content wherever they are in the world.

IPTV & Interactive TV Solutions

IPTV & Interactive TV Solutions converge media, data services and traditional television, to offer on-demand delivery of streaming content, Download & Play content, Web browsing and Widget support for Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Set-top Boxes (STB) and other advanced media sharing applications, in both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). These solutions also allow more advanced features from their set-top boxes, such as shared/networked DVR capabilities that allow multiple users to store, time shift or access content from media servers, and the ability to access over-the-top content (OTT) directly from 3rd party providers.
Qualitynet can help you integrate IPTV solutions into your building at any stage of its development.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage is LCD, LED or Plasma displays that show anything from television programme menus, information, advertising and other messages in both public and private environments. Qualitynet can help you display a wide range of content, from location specific information such as building directory with maps & fire exits to menu information with stunning pictures and advertising / brand building content in stores or around Malls.
When your Digital Signages are part of a network, the content can be controlled centrally and remotely, allowing you to customize everything from the frequency of your content, screen-time per content, and the intervals between them, to name a few. Digital Signages completely eradicate the costs of casting and printing the static signage. They also allow the integration of interactive abilities such as Embedded Touch Screens, Movement Detection and Image Capturing devices.

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