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CCTV & Surveillance

Our Surveillance & CCTV solutions extends the highest levels of reliability, definition and image clarity, assuring that you are confident and ready to meet any security challenges that come your way now or later on.

Our range of solutions include:

  • Digital and Network Video Recorders,
  • Analogue and IP cameras and domes,
  • Video Management Systems and
  • Specialty Thermal Imaging camera systems

designed for low-light, indoor and outdoor video surveillance operations. We also employ the latest in digital surveillance technology allowing easy migration from analogue to IP-based technology.

Access control system

An Access Control System (ACS) is aninevitable component of any intelligent safety precaution. An effective ACS works on the basic idea of identifying and authorizing a selectedpersonnel, while controlling their movement at defined access points.

Our system integrates the most advanced security techs with the best innovative networking capabilities, bringing you full-featured. The system employs easy to learn and user-friendly graphical interfaces that are both powerful and flexible enough to monitor multiple sites around the world. This includes Single Door Access Controls, standalone web-hosted access controls, smart card & bio-metric readers, proximity readers and integrated systems capable of managing thousands of doors and alarm monitoring points globally.

Intrusion detection

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) comprises primarily of software and/or hardware designed to detect unauthorized attempts at accessing, manipulating, and/or disabling computer systems, mainly through a network.
Our systems use the best of the latest in technology which include intruder alarms, motion sensors, control panels, door control security installations, environmental protection and life safety devices. We also use perimeter protection products including seismic, glass-break and shock sensors. Choose from wired, wireless or hybrid solutions, and we will tailor the solution to meet your needs. Our process-oriented approach & highly experienced professionals ascertain that your security defense measures are top-notch and meet the standards you define.

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