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Internet traffic is growing at unprecedented rates translating to mounting network costs. Transit links, peering and access network links repeat the same story. True, it engages over two thirds of today’s Internet bandwidth.
Qualitynet’s PeerApp solution is a reliable and scalable P2P and HTTP Caching solution ideal for Large Enterprises. It reduces the impact of various internet applications upon your network and cut down costs enhancing an even higher end-user Quality of Experience (QoE)

  • Single platform supports multiple protocols & applications
  • Supports over 80% of today’s Internet Traffic
  • P2P Downloads – Bit Torrent, Ares, Gnutella, eDonkey
  • HTTP Streaming – YouTube, Progressive Download
  • HTTP Downloads – Microsoft Updates, Rapid Share, Mega Upload
  • Transit link cost savings and bandwidth reduction
  • Smart Filter content categorization & filtering
  • Scalability to support multi-gigabit networks

PeerApp eliminates retransmission of data thereby increasing more bandwidth availability. It also increases the ISP’s internet capacity and accelerates content delivery without additional fees. The PeerApp platform has an exclusive clustered system architecture that supports multi-Gigabit networks with over 60 Terabytes of aggregated ‘single instance’ storage.

Cached traffic is served to the subscriber at the same (wire) speed of the service provider ensuring high user satisfaction, translating in turn to lower churn, more rapid subscriber growth and migration to Top-Tier broadband packages.

Qualitynet is the exclusive Peer App partner in the region, providing solutions to service providers and business of all sizes.

For more information, Please call our specialists at 2224-0000 who are eager to assist you further.

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