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Cybercrime has outgrown itself into one of the most massive industries worldwide. Making Billions off Individuals, institutions and corporations, the economic disadvantages for companies measure in serious numbers.

Q-Square Cyber Security offers full scale Information and Data Protection Solutions. A combined venture between Kuwait’s leading Total Solutions Provider – Qualitynet, and Hungary’s IT & Technology Security experts – Quadron, Q-Square aims to help you plan and develop your Data Protection Strategy and Solution, tailor made to address your needs today,­ tomorrow and for the future. Explore our unique and flexible portfolio of Industry-defining solutions, and experience service levels from experienced professionals who are here to help you against Cybercrime.

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Business Continuity Management (BCM)

The purpose of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) framework is to define the preparation processes, tasks and responsibilities in case of an incident which affects the critical processes of the entire company. If business information is unavailable, the related processes will be damaged and it may lead to serious financial and reputational loss. BCM includes the Business Impact Analysis (BIA), the designation of the critical business processes and systems in order to make the Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) and minimize loss in case of an incident. Your process owners define the value of the processes, which determines the requirements for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans. The process owners will also define the replacement procedures for the case of an outage of the process caused by an IT incident or natural disaster. Quadron will coordinate this activity, and can perform BCM awareness trainings to increase the awareness level and help the communication between IT and Business.

Business and security advantages of the service:

  • Reduce the outage time of business processes and minimize financial and reputational loss caused by an incident.
  • Business continuity plans increase the trust of interested parties.
  • Increase security awareness and preparedness for business/IT interruptions.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the communication between IT and Business.

DLP Risk Assessment

The development of information technology makes communication easier than ever before. Smartphones, email, pen-drives, cloud storage and social networks provide many different ways of electronic communication. Therefore keeping the relevant business information within the organization is more and more challenging. Organizations try to protect their information, but business needs urge them to develop to newer, faster, and broader communication. Technology solutions are not enough to keep the information within the gates, human intelligence of the employees find a way to leak out the information; this could be dangerous to the organization. The level of the data leakage is immeasurable without proper tools, and organizations are not able to determine whether they need a Data Leakage Prevention system or not. Else, if they need it, they cannot define which channels require protection. DLP Risk Assessment service can help you in defining the data leakage channels, and it can also give proof and measure the current risk level at the organization.

Business and security advantages of the service:

  • Detect data leakage cases at the organization, in the time-frame of the service.
  • This can prove the data leakage at the organization, so it can be easily decided whether a DLP investment would be efficient or not.
  • It helps to define the processes, rules and samples for a future DLP solution.

Information Security Health Check

The Information Security Health Check can help you evaluate the current security status and to diagnose strengths and weaknesses of the existing security controls. We assess the maturity of the information security of your organization and the divergence from the standard requirements. The service is based on the methodology of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 International Standard. A comprehensive security health check provides insight and visibility into the organization’s security posture, in order to help you make informed decisions. This is not a certification audit – the best utilization of this service is to measure the security level before and after an overall security program or projects. The information security health check is a non-technical service, but Quadron also offers other technical services, like configuration analysis, vulnerability analysis or penetration test.

Business and security advantages of the service:

  • Efficiently increase security awareness among the different management levels.
  • Standard-compliant operation can be easily assessed by an independent reviewer.
  • Management can be sure that the information security requirements are fulfilled.
  • Such security reviews can increase the trust of interested parties (e.g. subsidiaries, third parties, service providers, suppliers, etc.).

Information Security Risk Analysis

In the first phase of the information security risk analysis, Quadron prepares an information security review to evaluate the current security status. We then diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the security controls. This is followed by the identification of the most probable threats and the analysis of the related risks to these threats. Finally we will work out the necessary recommendations to mitigate the risks. Quadron can also help you prepare the risk analysis methodology, execute incident loss analysis, risk assessment and to prepare an overall risk action plan. The service is based on the methodology of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 International Security Standard and uses the threat catalog of the ISO/IEC 27005:2011 standard. It’s up to your senior management to make a decision about the acceptable risk level and the risk treatment methodology. Quadron makes recommendations on how risks can be mitigated to achieve the desired acceptable level.

Business and security advantages of the service:

  • Increase security awareness, helping management in making informed decisions.
  • Risk assessment is the most cost-effective way to invest in security.
  • Security costs and the return on investment will be accountable with risk levels.
  • Reduce the outage time of business processes caused by incidents.
  • Security audits increase the trust of interested parties.

Malicious Activity Assessment (MAA)

Many types of malware attacks are very hard to detect, even by the best anti-virus software, because they are designed to try hiding their activities from them. They try to conceal themselves to the grey zone of the various anti-virus softwares where they cannot be harmed. This could cause a long, hidden integration into the client’s systems, collecting serious information and continuously decreasing the overall performance of the whole system. These malwares may sometimes be part of a bigger APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attack. The Malware Activity Assessment service is designed to detect, remediate and possibly prevent these hidden malware activity in your systems. Besides this, the MAA process also helps to identify the internal assets that connect to known malicious sites, as a suspected source of an evolving external attack.

Business and security advantages of the service:

  • Detect and remediate the hidden malware activities in the system.
  • Detect possible Advanced Persistent Threat against your Firm.
  • Precious system performance capabilities can be saved (that may be reserved by malwares), translating to financial savings for the client.
  • Better response time for users, resulting in a better user experience.
  • Decreased risk of possible business interruption and data leakage caused by undetected malware.

Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Test

Organizations try to defend themselves from today’s most serious risk: the hacker attacks. These attacks may cause data leakage, business interruption and serious reputational losses as well. Protection against this risk must be layered: sole technical solutions like intrusion detection/protection tools are not enough and organizations must eliminate the basis of the hacker attacks: the system and software vulnerabilities. Nearly all hacker attacks are based on the unpatched vulnerabilities. The vulnerability assessment is a first step for organizations to discover the starting points of successful hacker attacks. This service can be partially automated by professional software tools and some parts must be manually executed by security professionals. Based on the results, the organization needs to manage the patching of the vulnerabilities in order to have a healthy, updated and secure environment. Having fixed the problems, a penetration testing is necessary to check whether there are still vulnerabilities or misconfigurations in the system. The main target of the vulnerability assessment is discovering all relevant, hackable problems in the system, whereas the penetration test should be a proof whether the system is still vulnerable or not.

Business and security advantages of the service:

  • Detected and verified vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in the system.
  • Proof whether a system could be hacked or not.
  • This can decrease the risk of possible data leakage, business interruption and reputational losses caused by hackers.

Information Security Awareness

Information security awareness and user behavior is very important, because they can be the root cause of security incidents from human failures and policy breaches. QUADRON can hold Information Security Awareness trainings and campaigns, and security training specific for general users, managers and system developers in order to improve their IT security awareness.

The content of the education of Information Security Awareness is based on our professional experience. The information security awareness training is an on-site training for the audience with two or more optional occasions, specifically for general users. Service can be supplemented with a security awareness campaign. The education covers the following topics: Data and threats, home protection, password management, social networks, viruses, smartphones, internet banking, cyberbullying, etc.

Business and security advantages of the service:

  • Awareness training is the most cost-effective way to increase security levels of the Organization.
  • Increase security awareness among the employees.
  • Employee related attacks and phishing mails may become inefficient, helping you avoid serious potential incidents may be avoided.
  • Security awareness becomes part of your enterprise’s culture. Employees will be able to recognize threats, thus reducing the outage time of business processes caused by incidents.

Security Hardening

System vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are the basis of hacking attacks. Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing can help the organization to decrease the risk of hacking, but their effect is restricted to a short timeframe. The reason for this is the continuous discovery and misuse of new vulnerabilities. Therefore a continuous protection process is necessary in an organization to fight against them. The solution is the Security Hardening Process. This includes implementing security optimized system settings plus a patching and testing process of the system elements. To be able to continuously reduce the vulnerabilities of an information system, Quadron can prepare a security hardening guide.

Business and security advantages of the service:

  • Possibility to continuously keeping the risk of hacking at a very low level and prevent material and immaterial losses from such incidents.
  • Building up a sound internal security process against hacker attacks that complies with international security standards.
  • The information system will be more resistant to security issues.

Policy Review/ Policy Preparation or Update

Internal Information Security Regulations and related processes / tasks of an organization should be documented and kept up-to-date. Quadron’s policy review / preparation or update service can help you in preparing high quality and up-to-date policies that comply with all information security requirements. If a process works on an ad hoc basis and is not supported by relevant policies or other regulations, it could represent high-level risks for the organization. Quadron reviews your current information security policies in compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard. Based on the identified gaps, Quadron provides recommendations to update or develop new policies. Furthermore, the service can be supplemented with verifying the effectiveness of the identified controls.

Business and security advantages of the service:

  • Ensure that internal information security related processes are well-designed.
  • Practice oriented and up-to-date information security regulations and processes.
  • Compliance with legal and supervisory expectations as well as with international security standards.
  • Solid base and reference for increasing security awareness among users.

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