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Qualitynet launches its promotional campaign through the website.

خصم  10 % على كافة باقات الانترنت كواليتي نت تطلق حملتها الترويجية عبر الموقع الالكتروني أطلقت شركة كواليتي نت – المزود الأول للانترنت وخدمات الاتصالات المعلوماتية في الكويت –    حملتها الترويجية للاشتراك أو تجديد الاشتراك عبر موقعها الالكتروني الخاص باشتراكات الانترنت  Myqstore ، والتى تمتد حتى 30 يونيو المقبل ،  حيث خصصت الشركة خلال […]

Qualitynet Welcomes you to the session of gifts!

    سحوبات إسبوعية وشهرية بانتظار عملاء الشركة  كواليتي نت تطلق عروضها الترويجية (( أهلا بموسم الهدايا)) أطلقت كواليتي نت  –  المزود الأول للانترنت وخدمات الاتصالات المعلوماتية في الكويت  – واحداً من أقوى العروض الترويجية من نوعها (( أهلا بموسم الهديا )) والذي يشمل على تشكيلة واسعة من الجوائز القيمة والمتنوعة من أجهزة ماك بوك […]

Experience the future with Qualitynet’s ‘Internet of Things’ at Info – Connect 2014

أحدث صيحات عالم الانترنت 2014 ، وخصومات تصل الى 70% تجربة فريدة من نوعها على أرض المستقبل فقط مع كواليتي نت !   ” كواليتي نت .. الانترنت لكل شيء ! “  هو الشعار الذي تطلقه كواليتي نت هذا العام  لإستقبال العائلات والشباب والأطفال من زوار معرض انفو كونكت 2014 ، الذين حضرت لهم مجموعة […]

Bandwidth on Demand

Bandwidth on Demand Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) is a new service where customers will be able to upgrade their speeds whenever they feel a need for higher speeds. The speeds will be based on the maximum line speed available with the customer.                  The customer will have a […]

Qualitynet launches QBusiness, an online portal for corporate customers.

  Qualitynet launches QBusiness, an online portal for corporate customers. The portal is the first of its kind in the country.  Qualitynet, Kuwait’s No. 1 Total Solutions Provider has introduced the first-of-its-kind portal for corporate customers. The portal also known as QBusiness, will serve the needs of its corporate customers, providing them with an entry […]

Launches & Events

Kuwait’s Biggest internet Offer! Visit any of Qualitynet’s outlets or call now at 1827827, to sign up with this amazing service. or visit MyQstore.

Fiber (GPON)

Qualitynet offer for Home fiber customer who have GPON ONT a high speed reach up to 48Mb/s downstream and up to 24Mb/s upstream. Such a speed will help to use the internet through all media (Video streaming, Gaming online, high transfer rate  … etc) with so many users at the same time with no problem […]

Gaming Package

Take online gaming to a whole new level, with Qualitynet’s Gaming service. Enjoy this tailor madeoffering that’ll satisfy any core gamer’s needs for a fast and stable connection, with dedicatedbandwidth for your gaming experience. Gaming is now available for speeds starting at 1Mbps up to 8 Mbps. Get yours today!    DSL Gaming Packages   […]

DSL Bonding

Boost Up your speed using two lines with DSL Bonding DSL Bonding is an advanced technology that helps you achieve higher Internet speeds over conventional telephone lines. It uses two telephone lines to deliver the speed that one line cannot alone deliver, owing to reasons such as telephone line quality or distance from the exchange. […]


DSL is a technology that transforms your telephone line into a multiple usage carrier, allowing both the Internet and the telephone to work at the same time. The technology introduces a completely new and enhanced experience to the Internet. Key Features & Benefits: Completely new and enhanced internet experience. Higher Bandwidth. Ideal medium for email, […]


ADSL General FAQs ADSL Troubleshooting FAQs How does the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB modem work? The Alcatel SpeedTouch 330 USB DSL modem is a Plug & Play, bus-powered ADSL modem targeted to residential PC users. It is created primarily for a single PC environment and is the easiest device to get connected to the Internet via […]